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No updates

No updates for a few more days. I've been working non-stop on my web site. It's probably buggy as hell right now, but I'm just going to get most of the content and page flow done before I make it live.

Hopefully I won't need to make any major changes when I upload it to my host. I'm deving w/ MSSQL 2000 and they're using MSSQL 7.0 I think. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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Hello duoc,

I was just reading your profile and wanted to tell you that Tien loves ravioli a lot too. I was wondering if you could actually make them or do you just buy chef boyarde. Just a thought.

Have fun doing your web page!



February 27 2002, 10:40:10 UTC 14 years ago

MSSQL 2000 is "8.0"