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Sleep Schedule All Whacked!

Man! My sleep schedule was messed up Thursday night! Today, I woke up at noon and also took a two hour nap before dinner! Hey, I sound like limenaide! ;)

Clamee and I went to go see a play tonight called "The Matchmaker." I don't think many people liked it, but I thought it was okay. My favorite contemporary play so far has been "Dinner With Friends," which we saw at ACT last summer.

As far as musicals, Les Miserables is still my all-time favorite. We watched Aida in NYC over winter break (which was okay) and Cinderella in San Antonio. I didn't really like the music, and for some reason the AC in the theatre was cranked up so high! I didn't have a jacket with me and I was shivering throughout the whole performance! I wish I had the chance to see Miss Saigon when it was still running. I guess I'll have to wait and see if it comes back again.

One thing I'm looking forward to when I go back to Seattle, is being able to watch every M's game on TV. The only chance I get over here is when the game is on ESPN or if we're playing the Yanks. Tonight's game was good... I came back during the 8th inning and was surprised that it was 0-0. Anyhow, I'm glad Garcia had a good outing... but poor Lilly... oh well! I'm not complaining about the W!

I guess I should really go to bed now (hopefully I'll be able to fall asleep). After taking PSYCH 101, I'm convinced that sleeping is a key component of being productive. Buy this book and read it! Also, I spoiled myself and got a tempur-pedic pillow. It has worked wonders!

School is so much easier when you're well rested. I can now pay attention in class (in addition to actually attending class on a regular basis)! :) It also doesn't hurt to be taking just one class. ;) Yeah, I know... I'm a bum... but hey, I've already endured 4 1/2 years of 18-21 credit semesters, so it's time I took it easy and relax!

Will work be as painful as school? I sure hope not... though this past summer wasn't too bad. I had a few late nights towards the end when I was trying to wrap things up; but in general, it was very manageable. Also, when I have exciting projects, I can work for hours without complaint. My goal will be to make Messenger so good that there would be no reason to use any other instant messenger. So STOP using AIM now!

Alright, I said I was going to sleep... so off I go!
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